We are Raize.

We’re a social enterprise that focuses on the benefits of sustainable travel and personal wellbeing. A mobile application that rewards employees for exercising.

We’ve been busy.

Earlier this year we were accepted onto Exeter Velocities — Nurture Programme, an accelerator that focuses on combating inner-city issues. Since then, in Exeter, we’ve been developing our partnerships whilst piloting within professional service firms and other SME’s. We are now expanding our relations to London, testing our MVP further.

Look forward to seeing how this develops! It’s a great initiative!

The Big Issue Foundation

…awesome companies like Raize! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the app!

The Generator Hub

When colleagues have something in common, like this, bringing people together, it’s always a good thing.

PFK Francis Clark

Your donation will help us to meet some of the challenges we face as we continue to fill gaps in services for people facing homelessness.

St. Petrocks


End Users

By rewarding employees for walking, running and cycling, we look to improve their personal wellbeing & financial status.


We will offer our platform mainly to professional service firms and other SME’s, increasing staff; recognition, satisfaction, retention, engagement, and productivity.


We will take our platform to more deprived and ethnically diverse city areas. Helping tackle issues around; well-being, congestion, pollution, homelessness, and social isolation.


By mainly working with small chains and independents, we plan to shift the buying habits of our users, moving them away from brand giants, and in turn, boosting local economic activation.


Where points can be spent on personal goods on our in-app store, our more philanthropic users will have the option to gift them to local charities or causes.

The team

Harvey Steers
Founder and CEO
Experience in startups, experiential marketing, events, and design.
William Richardson
Creative Director
Experience working within the branding, digital and innovation space.
Justin Turquet (MBA)
Head of Business Development
Experience in startups, sales leadership and management consultancy.

Next steps

We are currently talking to various government bodies and investors to source our second seed of investment. This will support us over the next 24 months, helping to; build and test our BETA product, grow our team, develop version 1.1 – 1.3 of the app and back our first 12 months of trading.
If you’d like to get involved and join us on our vision to create more environmentally and socially sustainable cities, please click below.

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